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Middle East Crisis: Harris Calls for ‘Immediate Cease-Fire,’ Urging Hamas to Agree

Gaza War Is Shifting Ties Between Secular and Ultra-Orthodox Israelis

Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman meeting in January with military officials at the Shura base in central Israel. The Hamas-led attacks last fall have changed some ultra-Orthodox Jews’ views toward the military.

Big-League Dreams

France Enshrines Access to Abortion in Constitution, a Global First

Legislators celebrated in Versailles, France, on Monday after approving an amendment to the French Constitution that would guarantee access to abortion.

Now It’s Germany’s Turn to Frustrate Allies Over Ukraine

Chancellor Olaf Scholz speaking in Dresden, Germany, on Thursday. He promised not to deploy German troops in Ukraine.

South Korea to Suspend Licenses of Thousands of Striking Doctors

Doctors holding a rally in Seoul on Sunday.

Canada Braces for Wildfire Season as ‘Zombie Fires’ Blaze

This photo released by a Canadian fire department shows crews battling a fire last month that persisted despite the cold and snow in Alberta, Canada.

China Scraps Premier’s Annual News Conference in Surprise Move

China’s leader, Xi Jinping, left, and Premier Li Qiang at a meeting in Beijing on Monday.

How a ‘Body Farm’ Might Help Tackle Fentanyl Abuse

Bodies that had been donated to science are laid in the sun at Colorado Mesa University’s forensic research station in Whitewater, Colo.

Migration Through Darien

Migrants from Venezuela making their way through the Darién Gap between Colombia and Panama last year.

Vaccination Rates Dipped for Years. Now, There’s a Measles Outbreak in Britain.

Oma Nnagbo, right, waiting to have her measles, mumps and rubella vaccination last month. Her father, Michael, center, watched the nurses prepared at a pop-up clinic in Wolverhampton, England.

Lack of Plan for Governing Gaza Formed Backdrop to Deadly Convoy Chaos

In northern Gaza, lawlessness, Israeli restrictions on convoys and poor roads have made it difficult for food to reach those still stranded there.

Tuesday Briefing: Trump can appear on ballots

Donald Trump in Richmond, Va., on Saturday.

Thieves Stole a Formula 1 Driver’s Ferrari. It Turned Up 28 Years Later.

The Ferrari stolen from Gerhard Berger, now recovered.

Few Aid Trucks Are Reaching Northern Gaza, Where Famine Looms

Devastation on Sunday in Gaza City, the intended destination for trucks delivering desperately needed food.

London Bids Farewell, for Now, to a Beloved, Overstuffed Walrus

A museum worker giving the Horniman Museum’s walrus a spring clean in 2007.

Racial Profiling in Japan Is Prevalent but Unseen, Some Residents Say

Lora Nagai standing on the platform in a station near her home in Tokyo last month. She has been stopped repeatedly by the Japanese police.

Brain Cancer Was Supposed to Kill Me. Instead, It Gave Me a Second Life.

Kamala Harris to Meet With Israel’s Gantz and Push for Pause in Fighting in Gaza

Vice President Kamala Harris amplified on Sunday the United States’ calls for Hamas to sign off on a deal that would allow for a temporary cease-fire.

Monday Briefing

Relief supplies arriving in Rafah in southern Gaza on Sunday.

Forced to Change: Tech Giants Bow to Global Onslaught of Rules

Deaths of Children in Gaza Likely to Rise Amid Aid Snarls, U.N. Warns

Houses destroyed by a bombardment in Gaza City on Sunday.

Kamala Harris Calls for ‘Immediate Cease-Fire’

“The Israeli government must do more to significantly increase the flow of aid,” Vice President Kamala Harris said on Sunday. “No excuses.”

Monday Briefing: Fears of Anarchy Grow in Gaza

Palestinians who were wounded by Israeli gunfire while waiting for aid, according to health officials, rest on beds at Al Shifa hospital on Friday.

Inmates Escape After Attacks on 2 Prisons in Haiti’s Capital

Haitians outside the national penitentiary in Port-au-Prince on Sunday, after an attack by armed gangs.

U.N. Aid Agency Researchers Allege Abuse of Gazans in Israeli Detention

Israeli forces transporting detainees from the Gaza Strip in November.

The U.N. Says Gaza Is Close to Famine. What Does That Mean?

Lining up for a meal in Rafah in southern Gaza in December.

Israel Opts Out of Cease-Fire Talks as Hamas Delegation Arrives in Cairo

Palestinians looking through the rubble of destroyed houses in Rafah, Gaza, on Sunday.

Russian Strike’s Toll Rises to 12 as Zelensky Blames Air Defense Delay

Ukrainian rescuers working Saturday at the site of a damaged residential building after an attack in the southern city of Odesa.

German Police Conduct Raid in Hunt for Red Army Fugitives

Police officers and investigators on Sunday in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin, where raids were carried out.

Pakistan’s New Leader, Shehbaz Sharif, Installed

Shehbaz Sharif in Lahore, Pakistan, in February. His party currently has the military’s support.

Kremlin Seeks to Suppress Navalny’s Influence, in Death as in Life

Aleksei A. Navalny speaking in 2013 during his campaign to become mayor of Moscow.

The Rubymar Carried Fertilizer That Threatens Red Sea, U.S. Says

The fertilizer carried by the sunken Rubymar now poses an environmental risk to the area.

Israeli Strike Near Rafah Hospital Kills at Least 11, Gaza Officials Say

Civilians, including children, who were injured in an Israeli strike outside a hospital in Rafah, Gaza, on Saturday were taken to the nearby Kuwaiti hospital.

Israel Helped Organize Convoy That Ended in Disaster

A Palestinian man being treated Friday at Al Shifa hospital for wounds suffered in the mayhem surrounding the aid convoy.

Kamala Harris to Meet With Top Israeli Official as Cease-Fire Talks Continue

Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington this week. She is scheduled to meet with Benny Gantz, a member of the Israeli war cabinet, in Washington on Monday.

King Harald V of Norway Receives Temporary Pacemaker in Malaysia

King Harald V of Norway on his way to lunch with members of the Norwegian government in Oslo last month.

U.S. Makes First Airdrop of Aid Into Gaza

Why We Can’t Stop Rushing

Brian Mulroney Divided and Reshaped Canada Through Free Trade With the U.S.

Brian Mulroney’s move toward closer economic ties with the United States was polarizing among Canadians.

Colombia’s Special Word for ‘You’

A Colombian souvenir that reads “Sumercé,” in Bogota, Colombia.

Blasphemy Is a Crime in Pakistan. Mobs Are Delivering the Verdicts.

A crowd in Peshawar, Pakistan, last month protesting a blasphemy ruling by a top judge.

Bohemians: The Irish Team Selling Soccer With a Side of Activism

Causes and cheers exist side by side in the stands at Bohemian F.C.

South Korea Is Desperate for Foreign Workers

Migrant workers harvesting and packaging vegetables in a greenhouse in Gasan-myeon, South Korea, in December.

Many Iranians Boycott Elections, Despite Pleas and Roses

Women casting their vote in parliamentary elections at a mosque in Tehran on Friday. Voters also cast ballots for the Assembly of Experts, an 88-member clerical body that is responsible for naming, advising and supervising the supreme leader.

News Leaders Around the World Pledge Support for Journalists in Gaza

Palestinian members of the press mourn the journalists Saeed Al-Taweel and Muhammad Sobh, who were killed in Gaza City while covering the war in October.

Biden Unites With Italy’s Prime Minister to Champion Ukraine

President Biden and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of Italy meeting in the Oval Office on Friday. The two sought to project unity on a number of foreign policy fronts.

Witnesses to Deaths Near Gaza Aid Convoy Describe Shooting and Panic

Mourning the deaths in Gaza City on Thursday.

For Navalny’s Followers, a ‘Surge of Inspiration’ at a Sad Event

Thousands of mourners turned out for the funeral of Alexei A. Navalny, the Russian opposition leader, in the Maryino district of Moscow on Friday.

Navalny Funeral Image Reveals Textures of Faith and State in Russia

At Aleksei Navalny’s funeral.

Photos From the Funeral of Aleksei Navalny

Nuclear Power Bill Passed by House, Support Grows in Congress

The Vogtle nuclear power plant in Georgia, whose two new reactors cost $35 billion, nearly double the initial estimates.

Biden Says U.S. Will Begin Aid Airdrops in Gaza

A crowd seeking food at an aid distribution site in Beit Lahia, in the northern Gaza Strip, on Monday.

International Condemnations of Killings Near Gaza Aid Convoy Multiply

The body of one of those killed on Thursday morning in Gaza City after Israeli soldiers opened fire on a crowd as a crowd tried to grab food aid from a convoy of trucks.

When the Stands Speak, the Premier League Should Listen

Alderney Is a Small Island With a Dark History

New E.P.A. Rules Aim to Minimize Damage From Chemical Facilities

A Texas chemical plant flooded by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Kenya Signs Deal With Haiti to Send 1,000 Police to Caribbean

Prime Minister Ariel Henry of Haiti, left, with President William Ruto of Kenya, center, in Nairobi on Thursday.

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